WowGo 3 Electric Skateboard Review

wowgo 3 review

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The WowGo 3 electric longboard is the WowGo’s attempt to turn their very successful WowGo S2 model from a budget-friendly option to a quality mid-tier candidate. The price reflects that, as do the numerous improvements that we’ll go over in this WowGo 3 review. Don’t forget to check out our list of best cheap skateboards for more options.

WowGo 3 Electric Skateboard Profile

  • Four speed modes (Including Turbo Mode)
  • 12-14 mile range on 6.0Ah battery and 17-20 miles on 8.0Ah
  • Bamboo + Fiber Glass Deck
  • Up to 24mph
  • Paris V2 Front Truck

WowGo 3 Electric Skateboard & Longboard Review

wowgo 3 electric skateboard review



About WowGo

WowGo is a Chinese electric skateboard and longboard company that has made a name for itself in recent years. It’s a great company to look into if you’re on the amateur side of skateboarding. However, some WowGo boards like the 3 and 3X editions are sure to impress even some professionals.

WowGo 3 is still relatively new on the market and is riding on the laureates of its not very old predecessor – the WowGo 2S. This powerful electric longboard gives a rider a fantastic carving experience, and that is one of the essential features to look for in a skateboard. Riding this WowGo skateboard should almost feel like surfing, and it should give you that springy sensation.

Some might be worried about the WowGo skateboard durability and just how resilient it is. That’s why the company even encourages you to try jumping up on it to make sure that it is sturdy enough. And if there were some hesitations about WowGo 2S and the standard trucks used for the build, WowGo 3 comes with the famous Paris trucks.

WowGo 3 is a dual hub motor board, and it draws power from a Samsung battery. Along with Tesla, Samsung makes the best electric skateboard batteries out there.

The package also includes a bunch of accessories. It has a wall hanger that lets you display your WowGo and help you save storage space.

Finally, you might find that the custom-made enclosures are designed much better and are less boxy than the ones WowGo used in the past. Thanks to their thoughtful and practical design, swapping the battery is a piece of cake. This design is also a part of WowGo’s plan to make this electric longboard even more water-resistant than the WowGo 2S.

Main Features


review wowgo3 electric longboard
When talking about WowGo 3 range, it’s pretty much what you expect of an electric skateboard in this price range. The 10s2P battery pack uses high-quality Samsung 30Q cells. And if 10wh equals 1 km range, the expected range of 14 miles is pretty optimal. This WowGo electric skateboard is also pretty good at retaining the top speed.

Top Speed

One of the good things about choosing a WowGo 3 is that you know what you’re getting in terms of speed right from the get-go. The company doesn’t try to use this info to increase sales because they know who their buyers are. This electric longboard maintains a modest top speed of 24mph. In that sense, the WowGo 3 vs 2S matchup is quite even. See our fastest skateboards guide if speed is a top priority for you.


It’s impossible to talk about speed and not mention acceleration and deceleration. For a smooth and buttery ride, WowGo 3 has a customized Hobbywing ESC. And everyone who felt that there was another speed mode missing in WowGo 2S will be excited about the fourth speed mode. This fourth mode is “Turbo,” and the name speaks for itself.

The Turbo mode in WowGo 3 doesn’t have a time limit, which gives you more freedom when riding. Also, it doesn’t require a cooldown period. What Turbo gives you is a more intense acceleration.

Going Turbo is fun, but what about slowing down? The good news is that WowGo 3 has fantastic breaks that give you a smooth and very comfortable feel.


A WowGo electric skateboard comes with a remote, and let’s see what WowGo has in store for the owners of the 3. The first thing you might notice is the controller’s exceptional designed. It has an elegant look and a soft and rubberish finish that gives off that high-quality feel. More importantly, it’s ergonomic, and it won’t cause any strain on your hand.

It also has an LED screen, unlike the WowGo 2S model. You will find an odometer, battery percentage, and speed sections on the screen. And there is only one button for maximum convenience.

A single tap skips from one speed setting to another, and the long press turns this electric longboard on and off. There is also a wheel instead of a lever, which makes for more intuitive use of the remote.


wowgo 3 electric skateboard

A lot of people who loved the WowGo 2S model found that there is one thing that the company could vastly improve. And that’s the flat deck. Sure, some people might like it that way, but WowGo 3 came out with a deck solution that is hard not to notice. The bamboo and fiberglass combination gives this board fantastic flexibility.

The deck is not flat anymore, and it also has a slight concave so your feet can get comfortable while riding. The two enclosures on the back of the deck are also improved, and all of the parts used are now proprietary.


Are the wheels any better on WowGo 3 compared to the previous models? The answer is a resounding yes. There is a significant improvement that resulted in a 90mm size with the rating at 78A. You can also swap the PU sleeve, which is on the hub motor.

These wheels can absorb all kinds of vibrations from the road. Sure, they can’t compare to bulkier wheels. They are less comfortable than their 96mm cousins, but overall these wheels assure a smooth ride.


wowgo 3 electric skateboard

One of the best decisions WowGo made was to use the Paris trucks on the WowGo3 model. It is a world-famous brand, and all experienced skaters know that you can hardly go wrong with it.

You’ll find the Paris truck on the front, and it brings the experience of riding an electric longboard to an entirely different level. Among all of the WowGo 3 specs, this detail might win it for the majority of future owners. It’s one of the reasons it made the top 3 in our best electric skateboards in 2020 post.

Hill Climbing

When it comes to the hill-climbing capabilities of an electric longboard, one should have reasonable expectations. If you live in an area with a lot of uphill streets, you’re probably looking for a different mode of transportation. However, WowGo understands that you can’t ride on flat surfaces all the time. So, this model can sustain 25-30% inclines without any significant issues.

Weight and Dimensions

As for the weight, the WowGo 3 has a net weight of 17.2 lbs., and the gross weight it 22.7 lbs. The board is 38.9 x 5.5 inches. These measures are pretty average for the electric longboards in this price range.

Also, the maximum weight of the rider is officially 280 lbs., but the recommended maximum weight is 264 pounds. So, combine that with the sturdy and flexible deck, and you’ve got yourself a pretty durable board.

How Long Does the WowGo 3 Take to Charge?

For people who are interested in purchasing an electric skateboard of any kind, one of the first questions might be, “How long does it take to charge it?” And that’s perfectly understandable. The WowGo 3’s 6 Ah battery takes between 2 and 3 hours to charge. If you opt for the 8 Ah option, it takes somewhere between 3 and 4 hours to charge fully.

How to Order WowGo 3 Electric Board

The best way to go about getting a WowGo board is to go directly to the manufacturer. You can find everything you need on the official website. What’s more, there are often sales and discount deals, as well.

The WowGo shipping is free worldwide, and WowGo can send you your electric longboard from China or the USA warehouse. You can also change the order after you’ve placed one and request some add-ons if you like. You will get a tracking number so that you can check on the status of your order.

Who Should Buy This Board?

electric longboard review wowgo 3
The WowGo 3 Electric Skateboard and Longboard is there for people who are serious about electric skateboarding but are not looking to become professionals. It’s for people who have set foot on the board before and are ready to try something better. And without breaking the bank while they do.

Why We Recommend This Board

WowGo has done everything in its power to create an electric longboard that will make all of the WowGo 2S users excited to try it out. It has all the right bits of the previous model, and a lot more. The Paris trucks have sealed the deal for many. And with WowGo 3, the company has leveled up in terms of quality.

The remote has a great design, and the ride comes in with four different speed modes. Every feature of this model allows for a smooth and bump-free ride. And you can even jump on it without worrying it will break.

Editor's Verdict
5.00 – Ideal For The Advanced Skateboarder – Our Top Pick!

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Advanced Features
wowgo 3 skateboard review

WowGo 3 Electric Skateboard