Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard Review

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Product Overview





Boosted is one of the first companies to market an electric skateboard successfully. The first Boosted board was functional, but it wasn’t everything it could be.

Over the years, Boosted has continued to innovate on its original design and create new ones fairly regularly.

UPDATE – Boosted Boards is out of business! Such a disappointment to the e-skate community that one of the pioneers in the space has had to close up shop – never fear though! Check out our guide to the best electric skateboards for more options.

Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard Profile

  • Top speed of 24 mph
  • Dual motors
  • 17 lb. carry weight
  • The 14 mile range
  • 199 Wh Li-ion battery
  • Composite deck

Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard Review

Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard

All that innovation and engineering have certainly paid off in the form of the Boosted Stealth. It is their most advanced board to date and one of their most popular models.



About the Boosted Stealth

One of the highlights of the Boosted Stealth is its broad appeal. If you’ve never set foot on a skateboard, you’ll love it. If you’re looking to enter an electric skateboard race (yes, that’s a thing) next weekend, the Stealth is perfect for that too.

It’s fast and furious, but it’s also steady and forgiving. But that’s not to say that it’s flawless. The fact is that there are faster boards, and there are cheaper boards too. The beauty of this Boosted skateboard is that it strikes the perfect balance of all the relevant features.

The main selling point on the Stealth is a completely redesigned deck. Gone are the days of plywood decks that break or composite ones that leave your ankles sore. Boosted Stealth’s deck is a genius piece of materials engineering.

The other components of the board are all top-of-the-line as well. The wheels are high-performance polyurethane. The 2,100-watt motor is powerful enough to get over even steep hills, and the Boosted board remote is both durable and intuitive. 

But a lot of you reading this will already know about Boosted, and the Stealth in particular, at least by reputation. This board has generated a lot of hype in the electric longboarders community, and you’re wondering if the hype is worth it. The answer is probably yes, though it depends on what you want from an electric skateboard. You’ll have to read this Boosted board review to find out. 

Main Features

boosted stealth review

For a long time, Boosted was the poster company of strategic partnerships used successfully. They were instantly recognizable by their orange Ornagatang Caguama wheels. The Loaded Vanguard deck and Caliber trucks completed the look. And it was a good look.

It was a brilliant move because it gave early adopters confidence through knowing that they were buying premium parts. But that was not fated to remain forever.

Over time, Boosted said goodbye to their partners as they’ve released new generations of boards. With Stealth and the Gen3 overall, they’ve finally severed all ties. The decisions to go in-house for the entire product may dismay some long-time fans. But any hesitation will disappear once you try their completely redesigned Stealth longboard. If you’re looking for a smaller board, the Boosted Mini X is a great choice.

It’s also essential to note that all the features in the world wouldn’t make a lick of difference if a company didn’t care about their customers. That’s where Boosted truly stands head and shoulders above the competition. They genuinely care about their users and have one of the most trusted warranties in the business.

What all that boils down to is a company that cares about its product customers. Without further ado, let’s see what all that passion produced.

Super-Flex Deck

boosted electric skateboard

Boosted’s departure from Loaded’s Vanguard deck was viewed with supreme skepticism when it happened. However, with the Gen3 deck, Boosted is proving the skeptics wrong. The Stealth deck is entirely new, built from the ground up by Boosted’s design team.

For starters, the deck looks completely different from previous iterations. The top features grip tape in two shades of grey, and the bottom is grey as well. It’s a little wider (11.3 in) than their previous decks, and the added space is a welcome addition to a lot of riders.

The more subdued gray design fits the name well, and the gray wheels compliment the board well. It’s a refreshing departure from many of the new bombastic boards that are so popular.

When you stand on this deck, you won’t believe how flexible it is. The core isn’t maple or bamboo. Ever the innovators, the folks at Boosted decided to use a poplar core, which maintains a stronger grain and has a better strength ratio than maple. But that’s not all.

The poplar core also features layered foam. The foam is a perfect dampener and doesn’t inhibit the flexibility of the deck at all. The final layer is fiberglass. Those three materials, in composite, make one of the most flexible and comfortable boards ever made.

The edge of the deck is reinforced, which is a welcome addition, especially for the bottom edge that tends to get beat up a lot. If you use the board every day, even that might not be enough, and you’d do well to invest in a bash guard for the bottom.

Unfortunately, the one downside to this board is that it’s not very light. The whole thing still weighs 17 lbs., which doesn’t matter as long as you have a paved road. That said, you’ll hate it when it’s time to carry it across long stretches.

Super-Strong Trucks

electric longboard review boosted

Boosted’s new trucks are stronger and safer than the ones they had previously with Caliber. It’s the one decision to go in-house that very few people will find upsetting.  

The completely overhauled, 190mm trucks are forge aluminum and feature thicker diameters in high-stress areas. The entire drivetrain was designed around them, so it fits perfectly and generates exceptional torque.  

The trucks come tuned out of the box and provide a smooth ride. However, they’re adjusted to be quite soft and produce a bit of a speed wobble. Experienced riders who can’t wait to start carving will love that, but it’s not practical for most users. You’ll want to tighten the trucks a bit for everyday commuting.  

The best part about modern trucks is that you can replace them easily too. If you’re a fan of Caliber trucks, you can still switch to them with a quick swap. It’s worth mentioning, though, that these are exceedingly powerful trucks and they can rival even top-tier models in durability as well.   

High-Performance Battery

The Boosted board battery on the Stealth comes in two types. There is the standard battery that has a 7 (ish) mile range and the extended range version. Boosted claims that that extended range battery gives the Stealth a 14 mile range. That may very well be true under ideal conditions. But you shouldn’t take it as a standard. Expect to get about ten miles out of it on a good day. 

Of course, how much Boosted board range you get will depend strongly on the riding mode that you select. Boosted developed its in-house software to have five modes of operation. They refer to the acceleration, speed, and torque allowance of the motors. Each riding mode will drain the battery at a different rate, with the “Eco” mode depleting it the slowest but only allowing a meager top speed of 11 mph. 

Most experienced riders will probably stay on the “Hyper” mode for most of their riding, especially in flat urban areas. That gets you high speed, but it also drains the battery very quickly.  

The extended range battery pack is user-replaceable, which is nice. But at 5 lbs., you’re not likely to be carrying a replacement in your backpack. It also has a maximum capacity of 199 watt-hours, almost twice as much as the standard model.  

The charge time is about 1h 45m, which is not quite as fast as some of the high-end Samsung and Tesla board battery packs, but it’s quite good.  

Who Should Buy This Board?

Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard

It’s probably easier to talk about who shouldn’t buy this board than who should. If what you want is the fastest board you can buy, this isn’t it. If you want to buy a cheap skateboard to see what the hype is about, this isn’t it. If you want a board that has excellent performance, top-shelf components, outstanding durability, and excellent customer service, then you’ve come to the right place. 

There are cheaper boards out there that can serve as a Boosted board alternative, but you’ll have a hard time finding one just like it.  

Why We Recommend This Board

If it isn’t clear by now, this board is (was?!) a powerhouse in just about every aspect. The decision to make all their components in-house paid off big for Boosted. All their parts work perfectly together, and the holistic approach to design gives them a definite edge over the competition.

Editor's Verdict
4.7 – Ideal For The Advanced Skateboarder

The Stealth’s deck is outstanding in every way, super flexible and attractive. The motors generate enough power to get you over hills with up to a 25% gradient, and the battery is durable enough for most urban trips. The only limiting factor on this board is well, they don’t make them anymore!