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Possway T3 Electric Skateboard on grass

Product Overview





Possway is emerging as one of the best value electric skateboard companies of 2022. After the success of their T2 budget board, they launched the even cheaper V4 targeted at students, kids and those wanting to learn about electric skateboarding from scratch.

In early 2022, they launched their new T3 hub motor board, taking aim at more advanced riders and those looking to start out in electric skateboarding with a high spec board at a really value for money price. Possway are clearly attempting to build a name for themselves as the next Wowgo or Ownboard, breaking into the market with really good value offerings of high-quality for budget prices, and if they continue on this path I think they’ll do just that.

A girl riding the Possway T3 along the waterfront

With exceptional high speed, and great range for such a low price, the Possway T3 is sure to get some attention and build up their brandname to be more widely recognized.

A comparison of hub motor electric skateboards under $500 in terms of speed and range

A Comparison of the T3 to the Leading Budget Boards – In Miles

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Similarly to the T2, the new T3 offers an incredibly good value package at a significantly lower price point than most of, if not all of the competition. It’s quite easy to see that Possway are sacrificing some of their profit margin to undercut more well recognized electric skateboard brands in an effort to break into the mainstream market.

You can see from the graphs above (miles) and below (kilometers) showing a comparison of range/top speed and price that on paper the T3 stands out. So what are the drawbacks?

One of the biggest concerns that people have ordering from China is the standard of quality and poor after sales service. Since Possway is a fairly new brand, they don’t have a long history of customer service, but from our experiences so far and those of others we have seen on Facebook groups, people seem to be very happy with their Possway boards, the quality of the product, and their after sales service thus far.

FB conversation about the Possway T3


In order to negate the issues with international shipping times, Possway have warehouses with stock in the US, ready to ship out stock and have it to your door in as little as 3-7 days! For shipping to Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and Australia/New Zealand shipping times are going to be a bit longer.

Possway T3 Profile

  • 8 Ply Canadian Maple, 1 Layer Bamboo
  • Four speed modes – up to 52kmph / 32mph (no load) 46kmph/28mph with a 70kg /154lb rider
  • 32km / 20 mile range
  • Hub Motor with 105mm Cloudwheel Style Wheels
  • Automatic Board Switch On
  • External Battery Charge Display
  • Good For Learner and Intermediate Riders
  • Cruise Control
  • Easy to Swap Out Battery Pack

Possway T2 Electric Skateboard Review



First Impressions

As I mentioned in my review video below, the first thing that really stands out about the T3 is the large 105mm cloudwheel style wheels. Bigger wheels are getting more common as board come out with larger motors than can offer enough torque to make the ride on bigger/more comfortable wheels viable.

The wheels of the Possway T3

The design of the board looks. From the top it looks like a quality product, and the logo isn’t too over the top like some esk8 manufacturers like to do. The large battery pack is nothing special to look at, similar to a lot of other sub $1000 boards, but it does have the external charging lights so you can easily see how much charge is left in the battery without turning on and checking the remote.

The deck has a slight concave and is reasonably stiff, but it’s a good match with the more forgiving larger wheels. The top of the deck also has an arrow to show the front of the board, which is a nice touch on a hub motor board where there’s no other obvious signs which end of the board is the front.

Main Features


Official figures claim a range of up to 20 miles / 32 km on a full charge with a rider weighing in at 70kg. I was able to get fairly close to this, in a few tests that I did.

With all my gear on I weight in at around 75kg, and I’m certain that I ride more aggressively than someone doing a typical range test – they usually ride on very smooth roads at fairly low speeds to maximize the distance they can reach on a single charge – so the official figures seem believable.

Possway were able to achieve their maximum range by riding on average at 24kmph/15mph but in the real world you’re likely going to be riding faster than that if you’re commuting for long distances, so expect to achieve slightly lower figures than those on your own T3.

Riding the Possway T3 for range testing

Top Speed

The board goes up to 32mph / 52kmph at full speed on flat ground. For most riders, especially heavy-set people, expect to hit a little less than this. Possway state that in testing with a 70kg (154lb) rider, they were able to reach 28mph / 46kmph. I was actually able to achieve slightly higher than this in my own testing, checked on both the remote and on an external app, so I believe these numbers to be legit.

If you are planning to do a top speed test on your T3, I suggest tightening up the bushings slightly before you do so to minimize the risk of wobbling at higher speeds.

IP65 Water Resistance

The T3 is rated IP65 for water resistance. This means the board can handle more water than its predecessor, but I would still not recommend getting the board too wet. I did get stuck in some light rain and on a few separate occasions I rode through a few small puddles, with no issues. IP65 means you’ll be fine if you get splashed or use water or even a hose to wipe the board down etc. however you should not be taking this out in heavy rain or submerging it in water at all.

The Possway T3 on rocks

Acceleration and Braking

After getting familiar with the T2 last year, I had a fairly good idea what to expect from the T3. As I mention in my video review, the acceleration is not going to blow anyone away, but it is smooth and easy to handle even at full throttle, which for less advanced riders will be a good thing. I shouldn’t say the acceleration is slow – it’s not – but it’s also not going to jerk you off the board if you accidentally punch it too hard or accidentally have the board facing the wrong way and get thrown off the front as it shoots backwards (it happens sometimes – especially on hub-motor boards!).

Buyers in this price range will be content with the acceleration, especially since the other specs of the board are so impressive for the price, and the overall package is very well priced and put together.
The brakes are solid and work well. I tested them on some very steep hills around my home in the mountains, and have multiple settings for brake strength which you can adjust to your liking.


The remote is pretty similar to the generic controllers you will see on many boards. It fits comfortably in your hand and is fairly standard as far as remotes go albeit a little smaller than some other brands.

The Possway T3 remote control

One really neat feature that may interest some of you that have long commutes on nice, even roads of footpaths is cruise control. This feature is not very common on electric skateboards but is something that will be really useful to some riders who use their boards for traveling long distances on the regular.


The deck is made up of 8 layers of Canadian Maple and 1 layers of bamboo. It’s a W-shaped, concave deck with slightly raised outer edges along each side. The deck has a little bit of flex too which helps for tucking into when you’re riding at higher speeds. Overall it’s not very flexible though – a little bit stiffer than the T2 deck – but it matches well with the bigger 105mm cloudwheel-like wheels.


The Possway T3 Electric Skateboard Deck

The concave deck would be considered more on the side of stiff, rather than flexible. It feels good to ride on it with the 105m wheels though, and I doubt many T3 owners will have complaints about the feel of the deck other than it might cause a bit of muscle soreness if you’re riding very long distances on it every day. This is something you’d likely get used to over time however as your legs get accustomed to riding on the board regularly.


The 105mm cloudwheel-style wheels on the Possway T3 are a highlight of the board. They grip well but give a bit of extra cushioning over smaller wheels and I much prefer riding on these to standard sized skateboard wheels. The roads around where I live aren’t great though, so for me, bigger is almost always better when it comes to wheel size on my electric skateboards.

A zoom in of the Possway T3 Hub Motor

Hill Climbing

I tested this board on some big hills in my area, ones that can be quite intimidating to descend down even with the trigger braking to slow the board down. There were no issues at all – going both up and down – although a bit more torque for hitting the really steep hills would be nice so it would be possible to ascend at a higher speed.

Possway say the T3 can handle a gradient of 25%, which is super steep – and I have no doubt that it could, but you wouldn’t be going much faster than walking up the hill at that steep an incline.

Weight and Dimensions

The Possway T3 weighs 20.2lb / 9.2kg so it’s not super light, but a large part of that is due to the large battery and wheels. The board is slightly heavier than some of its competitors but for the additional range and awesome specs – carrying around 1 extra kilogram or so, I’m sure you’ll agree, is well worth it.

The board’s dimensions are 945 x 235 x 133m (37.2 x 9.3 x 5.2 in) which is fairly standard size for boards in this category. The board is a good size for stability and carving, while also not being too long for better portability.

How Long Does the Possway T2 Take to Charge?

The Possway T2 takes 4 hours to fully charge from completely empty to completely full. There is also a fast charger available that can fully recharge the board in just 1.5 hours. This will be very useful for those of you who need to ride long distances in a day.

The charging port is well placed, easy to locate and protected from water splashes with a strong rubber seal.

A few different Possway electric skateboards

Is the Possway T3 the right board for you?

If you in the market for your first board and you have the budget for a T3, it makes a great first board for beginners. This is due to the fact that the acceleration isn’t too intense and the board can easily be made less aggressive by using the lower speed settings too. That said due to it’s high specs for a board in this price range there’s plenty of room to grow into the board as your skills increase, so this board is a bargain for more advanced riders too who are looking to upgrade from their first board/s.

For a touch under $500 ($474 with the INDEX discount code at the time of writing) you get a hell of a lot of board for your money. The T3 is a decent step up on the T2, which was also a class leading board in it’s price range. With the Possway brand getting bigger and more well-known by the day, you can be assured that the company will be around for some time as well, and if you get in now you can snag one of these bargain boards before the brand gets too big and start to raise there prices like Wowgo, Ownboard and other such Chinese companies that started off in a similar way.
A comparison of hub motor electric skateboards under $500 in terms of speed and range in kilometers
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Why We Recommend This Board

In such a price sensitive market segment, where for the most part the decks, trucks, and most features are quite similar there’s only a few things that people will be really looking at to make their purchasing decision. Range, top speed and quality/customer service are probably the most important points for people in this price bracket.

Since it’s often easier to see this information in a graphic comparison, we’ve put together a few charts to make things easier to see. Above you can clearly see that on a value for money basis the Possway T3 really does stand out. They offer a cheaper board with higher top speed and range, at a price point lower than competitors boards (if you use our discount code).

At US$474, and with 3-7 shipping within the USA, this board is a bargain!

While you should take all reviews from any affiliates with a grain of salt, since they literally get paid commissions to advertise the boards, I can honestly say I’ve had such good experiences with Possway I’ve bought their boards as gifts for my nieces, brother-in-law, and children of my cleaner, not only just because they’re such good value but also because I want everyone in my circle to get into electric skateboarding so they can have as much fun as I do, riding.

Editor's Verdict
4.80 – The Best Value-For-Money Electric Skateboard available under $500
Possway T2 top view

Possway T2

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