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As electric skateboarding becomes more and more popular, expect new brands to emerge into the market. Possway is one such brand. Founded by an ex-employee of another very well-known Chinese electric skateboard manufacturer, the Possway brand is new onto the scene in 2021. 

The brand launched in late 2020 with two board offerings; the Possway T1 and their more budget offering, the Possway T2. Both are hub motor boards. The T2 is aimed squarely at the lower end of the hub-motored electric skateboard market, currently dominated by the WowGo 3, Lycaon GR, Backfire G2 and Meepo V3. The new WowGo Knight hub wheel version looks set to take some market share in this category too.

Budget Electric Skateboard Comparison Chart
A Comparison of the T2 to the Leading Budget Boards – In Miles
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The T2 offers a very competitive product at a significantly lower price point than some of the competition. You can see from the graphs below showing a comparison of range/top speed and price that on paper the T2 stands out. So what are the drawbacks?

One of the biggest concerns that people have ordering from China is the standard of quality and poor after sales service. I can’t speak for the after-sales service but in terms of quality and overall package on the board I received so far, I have no complaints. If all Possway’s boards are shipped out in the same condition as mine, this brand should do well in this market.

The specs on the T2 are impressive to say the least; with a higher top speed and double the range (thanks to a larger battery) than many of its competitors. It also comes equipped with an automatic turn on function – which is very useful and something usually only fitted on more expensive boards.

The owners of Possway have obviously seen the complaints about shipping time from buyers of other electric skateboards from China. Even though they are a new brand they have set up a warehouse with stock in the US for American buyers, so shipping times have been reduced to only 3-7 days! Unfortunately for people in other parts of the world, standard shipping times from China and/or the USA will apply.

Instagram photo from Index Skateboarding

Possway T2 Profile

  • 5 Layer Canadian Maple, 2 Layer Fiberglass
  • Four speed modes – up to 42kmph / 26mph
  • 34km / 21 mile range
  • Automatic Board Switch On
  • Still deck Suited to Heavier Riders
  • Good For Learner and Intermediate Riders

Possway T2 Electric Skateboard Review



About Possway

Possway is a new brand in the esk8 manufacturing world, although some of its staff have been in the industry for several years working for other brands. Possway are hoping to break into the budget esk8 category with their first boards by offering value electric skateboards cheaper than the current market leaders but with more impressive specifications.

As the brand has not been around for long, it’s hard to talk about their history. Let’s focus on what we do know so far.

Possway logo

Full disclosure: I built a working relationship up with one of the founders of Possway while they were working at their previous company, and I received this board at a discounted price on the proviso that I would do a review for them.

I did inform them however, that I would be completely honest and I would not sugarcoat negatives just because of this. The founders of Possway believe in their products and claim to have done intensive and thorough testing so they did not expect I would need to anyway.

Influences and Reviewers often “sell out” for free products and discounts, but I don’t want to be like one of these people. In an effort to remain completely honest I will leave the comments section at the bottom of this review open so that others who have ridden this board can give their opinions. Also, if you or anyone you know currently reside in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I’m happy to let others test this or any of my other boards out.

Now on with the review.

First Impressions

I did an unboxing video of the T2 when I received it in the mail. The packaging was fairly standard with no extra frills or anything really of note. This fluff isn’t really important to people purchasing a budget skateboard anyway, so let’s get down to what’s really important.

The shape of board looks nice. The large and heavy battery is placed at the front of the board to offset the weight of the hub motors in the back, which gives the board a nice balance. The desk is a fairly standard, not overly aggressive, but still modern in shape. It is fairly stiff due to the multiple layers of Canadian Maple and Fiberglass and should have no issues accommodating heavier set people due to this.


Main Features


Official figures claim a range of 21 miles / 34 km on a full charge. Unfortunately I do not live anywhere with nice enough roads to ride that far on street wheels, but I reached almost half that distance on just over half a charge, on less than ideal terrain (some small hills, rougher roads) so I believe these figures would be possible under ideal circumstances. If you’ve got one of these and done a full range test on it please let me know in the comments below.

Riding Possway T2 in Traffic
Peak Hour on the Mountain Roads

Possway believe that the ideal speed to ride at to maximise distance is 25kmph. This is lower than what I like to ride at, but also probably close to my average speed due to the poor quality of roads and pathways where I do my testing.

Top Speed

The board goes at 26mph / 42kmph at full speed on flat ground. I have tested this on some short stretches on nice road and was able to reach that figure on both the controller and the Relive ride tracking app. I did give the bushings a bit of a tighten before I attempted the speed test however, and I would suggest that everyone does this before they take their board out the first time.

Mine was making a slight rattling noise at speed/on rough terrain when I first rode it and the problem was the nut on the front truck was too loose, so the cap over the bushing was vibrating and making a strange rattling noise. Tighter bushings will mean that you can’t turn as easily but the board’s stability will be better at speed, so it’s best to start tighter than necessary then loosen it up slightly to find the perfect spot for you.

IP54 Water Resistance

The board is rated at IP54 for waterproofing. I would not want to get my board wet with more than a splatter. I did ride through some very minor puddles – like water running across a road but not pooled up etc. with no issues. IP54 means you’ll be fine if you get splashed or use water to wipe the board down etc., but you don’t want to be taking this out in the rain or hosing it off to clean it etc.

Acceleration and Braking

Downhill electric skateboarding
Testing out the brakes, while filming – should have worn knee pads..

Budget boards have come a long way in the last 2 years. I honestly wasn’t expecting this board to ride as competently as it does. The acceleration is brisk, and, especially since this board is targeted towards entry-level riders, it is unlikely that anyone who purchases one of these will feel that it is underpowered.

The brakes are solid and work well, I have tested them going down some very steep hills (which is always a bit daunting – especially on a new brand’s board) but everything works fine. The board has 4 speed settings and 4 brake strength settings so you can adjust it to suit your needs as you improving your skills.


The remote is the same as you might have seen on some other brands’ boards. It fits comfortably in your hand and is fairly standard as far as remotes go. There are three buttons, it includes a reverse setting, and the digital display give you information on speed and direction settings, speed per hour, brake strength, and battery remaining for the board and the remote. There is a wrist strap attached to make sure you don’t lose it even if you take a fall.


The Deck is made up of 5 layers of Canadian Maple and 2 layers of fiberglass. It’s a W style deck with slightly raised outer edges along each side. The deck has a little bit of flex too which helps for tucking into when you’re riding at higher speeds. Overall it’s not very flexible though, compared to a lot of other boards, which can be a good or a bad thing depending on your personal preferences.

Possway T2 deck

For me, this deck is at a good point between flexible and stiff. I’m not super heavy so slightly more flex would have been okay for me, but since I’m lighter than most people (68kg) this type of deck should a good point for beginners of most sizes to feel out what works the best for them.


The 90mm x 52mm wheels on the Possway T2 are rated 85 for hardness. This is probably not important if you don’t know what that means already, and fairly standard for a board of this type and budget. No complaints here. Grip seems fine as you would expect and I’ve ridden on some pretty heavily-gravelled roads, up hills even, and there’s no missing chunks from any of the wheels as yet.

Riding esk8 in the hills

Hill Climbing

I’ve tested this board on some hectic hills around my area, ones that a scary to go down even while braking quite heavily, and the board was fine – going both up and down. Possway claim the board can handle a gradient of 30%, which is probably steeper than you’re ever likely to need to go, but I have no reason to doubt their claims from what I have seen the board do.

Weight and Dimensions

The Possway T2 weighs in at 17.5lbs / 8Kg so it’s not super light, but a large part of that is due to the large, long-range battery fitted to the bottom of the board. The board is slightly heavier than some of its competitors but for the additional range it think carrying around 1 extra kilogram, very occasionally, is well worth it.

The board’s dimensions are 945mmx235mmx140mm just a few centimetres shorter than the main competitors in this market, the WowGo 3, WowGo Knight, Meepo V3, and the Backfire G2. The Lycaon GR is slightly shorter.

How Long Does the Possway T2 Take to Charge?

The Possway T2 takes 4.5 hours to fully charge its large battery from completely dead to full. For ¼ charge, enough to ride 5miles / 8kms it takes just 1 hour plugged into the wall.

One issue I did notice with the charging port is the the cap to keep it closed sometimes pops open. This only happened to me twice and it may have been my fault for not pressing the cap on hard enough, but it’s worth mentioning.

Since you will not be riding this board over water or on the rough gravel/dirt roads I sometimes do my testing on (when it popped open both times), this likely won’t be a problem for most people and might be an easy fix by pressing the cap firmly closed after charging.

Is the Possway T2 the right board for you?

To answer this question you need to think about where you’ll be riding, your level of riding skill and your budget. Firstly, if you’re looking for a good value budget board, it’s obvious that buying a Chinese-made board is going to offer better bang for you buck. Are the roads suitable for skateboarding where you’ll likely be traveling? Do you need the extended range offered by brands such as Possway or would you prefer to purchase a board will less impressive specs but a more well-known history?

The T2 on dirt
I didn’t go easy with the testing, and the T2 took the punishment well.

In the around US$400 price category, the Possway T2 offers a lot of board for the money. There is always a risk buying from a new company, especially one based overseas, but sometimes you’ll end up picking a winner and you’ll be stoked at how much value you got for your small investment. I’ve only been riding my T2 for a few weeks but so far it feels like this could be one of those moments. I hope so, and I hope the companies after-sales service is as good as their pre-sale service. I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

Budget Electric Skateboard Comparison Chart in Km
A Comparison of the T2 to the Leading Budget Boards – In Kilometers

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Why We Recommend This Board

In such a price sensitive market segment, where for the most part the decks, trucks, wheels sizes and features are mostly the same, there’s only a few things that people will be really looking at to make their purchasing decision.

I think it’s easier to see this information in visual form than in a table, so we’ve put together a few charts to make these factors easier to see. Here you can clearly see that on a value for money basis the Possway T2 really does stand out. To save 30% or more over some of your main competitors while still offering a better overall package is impressive. Based on this we think the T2 is a great value for money board and one that should not be overlooking in this market segment.

Don’t forget to use our Discount Code to get an extra $20 off! At US$329, and with 3-7 shipping within the USA, this board is an absolute bargain.

Editor's Verdict
4.70 – The Best Value-For-Money Budget Electric Skateboard available.
Possway T2 top view

Possway T2

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