Pressure Washing Electric Skateboards

power washing esk8

Depending on the type of board you have and it’s waterproof rating, you may be able to clean your electric skateboard off with a high-pressure hose when it gets too dirty. I’ve been using a pressure washer on my All-Terrain skateboards several times a month for the last 6 months, with no issues at all.

I know a lot of people are concerned about getting their electric skateboards wet, and damaging the circuitry. You also do hear about some boards (even supposedly waterproof ones) suffering from water damage, but I’ve had no issues with my board and using a gurney makes cleaning the mud off the SO much easier, it’s honestly a godsend.

At first I was a bit worried and really just washed the deck where my feet left muddy marks, and the wheels. As I washed the boards more and more however – and got caught out riding in extremely wet conditions when storms hit – I realized that these boards were able to fully handle the water without any concern.

All terrain boards
A clean WowGo AT2 and a dirty Ownboard Carbon AT

The types of electric skateboards I have been power washing are the:

Ownboard Carbon AT

and the

WowGo AT2

both of which have an IP55 waterproof rating. I’ve done up a bit of a video to show you just how “delicately” I treat these boards. Take a look at my video below, and please like and subscribe if you enjoy the content.

The only issue I’ve noticed that may be because of the high pressure hosing I give my boards on the regular to clean off the nasty layers of mud and dirt that seem to build up on them so easily is that the small nuts around the wheels on the WowGo AT2 look to have rusted on the outside. This didn’t however happen on my Ownboard Carbon AT.

Also on the WowGo, in places where the black paint has chipped away from colliding with branches or rocks being flicked up, if I spray with too direct a stream some more of the wood/paint might chip away. This is easily avoided however by being careful around those areas and/or only focusing the spray on the really dirty/hard to wash parts of the board, which surprisingly usually isn’t the underside of the deck.

Pressure Washing Electric Skateboards 1

So there you go, it is possible to use a power washer/high pressure hose/gurney to clean your electric skateboard, just make sure all the the charging ports are covered, there’s no cracks or broken seals in the deck that you can see, and don’t spray it longer than necessary or leave it sitting with water pooled on it once you finish.

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